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→‎Guidelines: News section with octave guidelines to write help text
Functions should have help text so that people know how to use it.
= Guidelines =
== First sentence ==
The first sentence of help text should start with a statement that is like a command. For example, the first sentence of {{Codeline|hist}}:
Produce histogram counts or plots. # good
Produces histogram counts or plots. # bad
hist produces histogram counts or plots. # bad
== Manual reference ==
When submitting a function to Octave, a tag for the docstring should be added to some appropriate place in one of the manual's .txi source files (they are all in {{Path|doc/interpreter/}}). Find the most appropriate section in the manual and add the following with the related functions:
{{Code|adding tag for function help text in Octave's manual|<pre>
If appropriate, also write some text about the function on the manual for better inclusion into the manual.
== Sentence spacing ==
The typographical convention in Octave is to use two full spaces after a period that ends a sentence. For example:
there is no correct for sentence spacing. But we need a convention # good
there is no correct for sentence spacing. But we need a convention # bad
= TexInfo =
This is the prefered preferred format for help text. There is also a comprehensive [ TexInfo manual].
== Octave specific macros ==

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