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I got involved with Octave on the Winter of 2010, at the end of my first year as PhD student. My project involved using a Matlab piece of code written by a collaborator but I refused to use it, I wanted free software. So I convinced the collaborators to release it under GPL and ported it to Octave (released as frapinator, but I really should go back and write it properly).

Since then, I have contributed to Octave many times, became maintainer of the Octave Forge project and its image package. While I have no formal education in programming or computer science, it was the freedom of Octave and its community that allowed me to learn so much.


The following are missing targets that would be nice to have on future releases of the image package

  • add ellipse properties to regionprops (see bug #44100) (done)
  • speed up regionprops for large images with many small objects (probably work around for loop with labeled == labelid)
  • support passing bwconncomp output to regionprops (and then fix bwpropfilt to use that instead of a labeled image)
  • ND support on imfilter
  • check if normxcorr2 is Matlab compatible and investigate making use of fftconvn since it's likely to receive large input
  • investigate implementing the missing deconvolution functions (see patch #8571)
  • anything else that is done or submitted before the above are done