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→‎Octave specific macros: mention deftypefn types
Do not use this macro empty as it will create problems with the {{forge|generate_html}} package.
=== deftypefn ===
This environment will enclose the function help text. It takes as argument the type of function. Typical values are
* Function File -- for functions in .m files
* Loadable Function -- for functions in .oct files
* Accessor method
* Class property
Aside this environment there is also the alternative {{Codeline|deftypenx}} for alternative forms. Typically these are mentioned at the top of the help text, right after the {{Codeline|deftypen}} although this is not really necessary. Cases where it's acceptable to have them on other sections would be methods on the help text of a class constructor, since they will not always be on a separate file.
== Formatting ==

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