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put back notice about when these emails are required
These are examples of e-mails sent to packages owners asking for a release of their package under GPL compatible licenses.
{{Note|this is only required if the code being requested is available for download ''only'' through File Exchange. Please read the [[FAQ#Why_can.27t_I_use_code_from_File_Exchange_in_Octave.3F_It.27s_released_under_a_BSD_license.21|FAQ]] to understand why permission is required in such cases. For example, if the author also provides the code on its own homepage (or his university/institution homepage), there is no need to bother him with legalese. Of course, you could email him telling that you find his code useful, we all enjoy appreciation of our work.}}
== real2rgb from File Exchange ==
* 12/10/2012

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