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These are examples of e-mails sent to packages owners asking for a release of their package under GPL compatible licenses.  Please notice that code from the MathWorks FileExchange are normally released under the 3-clause modified BSD licence (e.g., []), which is GPL-compatible (see [] and []), therefore you only need to ask authors if the code would be available outside of Matlab Central (e.g., the author's own website or directly via email), so as to bypass clause 2.ii in the website Terms of Use (see the [[FAQ#Why_can.27t_I_use_code_from_File_Exchange_in_Octave.3F_It.27s_released_under_a_BSD_license.21|FAQ]] for background). Authors do not need to release their code under the GPL to have it incorporated into a GPL program (see [] for practical implementation). 
== real2rgb from File Exchange ==
* 12/10/2012

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