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Error: Requested variants "+x11quartz" do not match original selection "".Please use the same variants again, perform 'port clean t1libgtk2' or specify the force option (-f).Error: org.macports.mpkg for port octave-devel local returned: Processing of port t1lib gtk2 failed</nowiki>
Be sure to clean each of the problematic ports prior to each attempt to create the dmg.
<nowiki>sudo port clean cairo ; sudo port clean gtk2</nowiki> The ports <code>cctools ; sudo </code> and <code>curl</code> consistently need to be cleaned prior to the <code>port clean pango mdmg octave-local ...</code> command. The reason for this is not understood (yet), but one hint is seen during the compilation of the DMG. <pre>Portfile changed since last build; sudo port clean t1libdiscarding previous state.</nowikipre>
The DMG will be placed in the port's {{Codeline|<nowiki>work</nowiki>}} directory. If a local portfile is used, a symbolic link to the {{Codeline|<nowiki>work</nowiki>}} directory will be placed in the directory containing the portfile. In this instance the DMG can be found in {{Codeline|<nowiki>~/ports/math/octave-local/work</nowiki>}}.
The DMG produced using the [ prototype portfile's] does not include everything needed for Octave. Both {{Codeline|<code>macros.texi}}</code>, {{Codeline|<code>}}</code>, and the {{Codeline|<code>}} </code> files are missing. Until the cause for these missing files is identified and resolved, they will have to be copied manually to the App bundle(one possibility is that the <code>+docs</code> variant is not used. Including the <code>+docs</code> variant would bundle many of the <code>xorg</code> ports as well as all of <code>texlive</code>.
===Create an Application Template for Octave===


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