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<nowiki>port installed octave-local</nowiki>
===Install Dependencies with Specific Variants===
There may be problems bundling some dependencies. For example, bundling the <code>xorg-libx11</code> port may fail. To alleviate this problem (or similar ones), the problematic port can be avoided as a dependency. The command used to produce the octave-local DMG, <code>port mdmg octave-local +variant1+variant2+etc</code>, applies the listed variants to each of the dependencies. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a proper aggregate list of dependencies. For Octave 3.6.4, the list below were sufficient.
<pre>sudo port mdmg octave-devel @3.6.4+atlas+fltk+gcc47-x11+no_x11-metis+llvm32+ssl+qt</pre>
Errors during the execution of this command are likely and may be resolved by modifying the variant(s) of installed packages, and/or modifying the list of variants used to produce the <code>octave-local</code> DMG. One of Octave's dependencies, <code>transfig</code>, requires port <code>xpm</code>, which requires many xorg ports that may cause the <code>port mdmg ...</code> command to fail. To alleviate this problem, the <code>transfig</code> port can be eliminated as a run-time dependency for Octave (can the <code>transfig</code> portfile be modified to eliminate the <code>xpm</code> dependency?).
==Create the MacOS X App Bundle==


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