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MacPorts provides a feature for [ producing binary packages] with standalone binary installers that are precompiled; they do not require MacPorts on the target system. Binary files created with MacPorts may be either .pkg (Mac OS X Installer Packages), or RPM (RPM Package Manager) format. MacPorts may also process a .pkg package into a Mac OS X .dmg disk image file. The port command shown below will create a DMG type binary installer for the Octave port and all its dependencies.
<nowiki>sudo port mdmg octave-local</nowiki> If more than one version of Octave is installed, or if more than one variant of Octave has been installed, the version and variant should be includeddevel @3 <nowiki>sudo port mdmg octave6.4+atlas+fltk+gcc47-local @<version>x11+no_x11-metis+llvm32+variant1ssl+variant2qt</nowiki>
In the event errors such as the one below are encountered, the ports implicated ({{Codeline|<nowiki>t1lib</nowiki>}} in this case) must be clean prior to creating the dmg.


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