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**:europe. In 3--4 months europeans will start talking to each other and in 6 months have decided where.
** Can we get sufficient funding for travel and meeting space?
* Rename core dump to workspace save. How about octave-workspace-YY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS? [jwe]
*:2min changes. Default should be not be changed to off because when needed it's too late to turn it on.
* Enable warnings locally? What does this mean? [jwe]
*:function calls may want to change and we want to do this locally without having to use unwind statements. KaKiLa suggested to do this.
* broken pipe. Some data may be lost warning...
*: this warning is scary.
* More demos in documentation (code sprint?). Copy @example into demo blocks and some %!test blocks into the documentation?
*:not all should tests should be moved to demos. No examples may be better than too many.

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