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OctConf TODO

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more dicussion
* Should we have a list of release goals for the next few releases on the web (wiki)?
*:might be better to have a static page. We don't everyone being able to edit this. This is not a contract.
* create some kind of octave newsletter.
*: every couple of months, send a news, teasers with news. This could get an idea of how many people care about the project.
* socialize project
*: use Google+, twitter, and the like of them. rms is not going to like this and will object for a GNU project to use this. We could use things like but only 5 people will see it. There's in an octave facebook page but was created automatically from wikipedia and is dead. Can't be officiall, and jwe is not against it but it's semi-official, done a by a single person. May announce things from planet octave. No one opposed.
* find professors for numerical analysis
*: go to universities and find people that could be using octave. Machine learning course is using octave but they don't communicate with us.
* who uses octave
:* we need this list, something like a showcase. Companies don't want to be the only ones using it. The more we have, the easier to maake people believe that octave really is good.

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