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Windows Installer

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Overhaul and shorten introduction. Point out, that you cannot build octave-mxe on MS Windows per se.
:''This article is about how to make the Windows installer; if you'd like just to use the installer, see [[Octave for Microsoft Windows]].''
GNU Octave is primarily developed on GNU/Linux and other POSIX conformal compliant systems. There have been many efforts in the past to build ports of GNU Octave for Microsoft Windows. Take This page contains instructions about creating a look at the various ports of Octave available for Windows [ here]. Recently some work has been done in maintaining a unified build system installer using [[MXE|'''mxe-octave''']] (a fork of [ MXE]) which anyone can use to produce cross as well as native builds of GNU Octave for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. This page contains instructions about creating a means, '''the Microsoft Windows installer is [ cross-compiled] using mxe-octavea GNU/Linux system'''.
==Steps to create Windows Installer==

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