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=Marketing and Community=
*Make the Octave website prettier. Maybe a new design, maybe a more "corporate" design (if we're heading down the "paid support for Octave" path/[[Project Infrastructure]] easier to maintain.
** FusionForge's "Submit a Snippet" and "Create A Package" would seem Make it easier for newcomers to be directly usable for Agora's "Post a Snippet" and "Share your Code", respectively: It is FLOSS.** ScipyCentral, has all the features we need and is also free softwarecontribute.
*Move For marketing ideas, see the [https://octaveopenoffice.sourceforgeapache.ioorg/ Octaveorientation/intro-Forge] marketing.html Apache Open Office Introduction to [ SavannahMarketing] so everything is hosted in the same place.
*For ideas, see the [ Apache Open Office Introduction to Marketing] * Help design a user or a developer survey [http survey]
* Help prepare and deliver presentations about Octave at colleges and universities.
** [ Octave talk] at [[OctConf 2018]].
** "What is Octave?" [[File:Slides_octconf_gdf_jgh.pdf]] ([ source]).
== Improve Windows binary packaging ==

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