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* Help prepare and deliver presentations about Octave at colleges and universities.
== Finish the Agora website ==
In 2009, the Mathworks decided to restrict the terms of use Matlab Central, a place dedicated to Matlab collaboration. The Mathworks forbade copyleft licenses and using the "free" code found in Matlab central on anything other than Mathworks products (e.g. forbidding from using it on Octave, even if the authors of the code wanted to allow this). Thus Octave users have no place to centrally, quickly, and conveniently share Octave code. See the [[FAQ#Why_can.27t_I_use_code_from_File_Exchange_in_Octave.3F_It.27s_released_under_a_BSD_license.21|FAQ]] for more details.
In response to this, a website started to form, [ Agora Octave].
This should be relatively easy webdev in Python using [ Django].
Things to be considered when working on this:
* [ discussion of Agora during OctConf2012]
* [ Scipy Central] - a website with the same objective as Agora for Scipy. Their [ Code] is released under a BSD license. Might be useful to reuse some parts.
Most of the basic functionality of Agora is already in, but there are many ways in which it could be improved, such as implementing comment threads, giving it an email interface, or a ReSTful API which could be used from Octave for package management. See also [[Agora]]. Talk to [[User:JordiGH|Jordi]]
== Improve Windows binary packaging ==

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