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= 🔬 Octave development =
= 🔬 Octave development =

: {{Note|Attend our [[:Category:Meetings | Monthly developer meetings]].}}
: {{Note|Attend our [[Online Developer Meeting (2021-05-25)]] 🙂💬 (See [[:Category:Meetings | all meetings]])}}

== 🛠️ [[:Category:Building|Building]] ==
== 🛠️ [[:Category:Building|Building]] ==

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This page contains links to pages of interest to Octave developers.

💡 Getting started 🔰

🔬 Octave development

🛠️ Building

🔧 Tools

  • Mercurial -- How to use Octave's version control scheme, creating patches (changesets).
  • Doxygen -- Documentation for C++ files
  • ccache -- How to faster compile Octave.
  • Editors -- A list of editors supporting Octave syntax highlighting.

⚖️ Testing

🐞 Debugging

🎉 Releasing

🎯 Goals for upcoming releases

As discussed in the Online Developer Meeting (2020-10-27), this wiki section is for a list of possible goals for the next release. Although anyone may edit the wiki, this section is intended for active developers, not a place to dump wishlist items or feature requests. Please create a subsection for your ideas/priorities.

jwe priorities

See also JWE Project Ideas for additional info about some of these items.
  • Bug fixes, especially those related to compatibility issues.
  • Work through the open bug reports for which patches have been submitted. Review/apply/reject and close as many of these reports as possible.
  • Refactor/rewrite code for handling load path.
  • Refactor/rewrite exist and which functions.
  • Create a low-level interface to HDF5 functions.
  • Support Matlab's HDF5-based MAT file format using the proposed low-level interface to HDF5 functions.
    • Allow all types of function handles to be saved and loaded.
    • Allow classdef objects to be saved and loaded.
  • Replace the terminal widget in the GUI.
  • Accept Matlab's new argument validation syntax in parser.

💡 Project ideas and work in progress