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==Installing a Mac OS X Bundle==
Good progress has been made on creating a reliable App bundle for Octave on Mac OS X. Approaches using [ MacPorts] and [ Homebrew] have been developed. Information on a Macports approach is available [[Create_a_MacOS_X_App_Bundle_Using_MacPorts|here]], but has been abandoned in favor of and information is also averrable for the [[Create_a_MacOS_X_App_Bundle_Using_Homebrew|Homebrew approach]]. As the Homebrew approach provides a simpler solution, the Macports approach has been abandoned.
A App bundle for Octave on Mac OS X is not presently available, but should become available soon. For those eager to install the [[Create_a_MacOS_X_App_Bundle_Using_Homebrew|Homebrew App bundle]], creating the App bundle is largely automated and can be accomplished with minimal technical expertise.


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