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Summer of Code Project Ideas

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=== Interval package ===
The [[Interval_package|interval package]] provides several arithmetic functions with accurate and guaranteed error bounds. Its development started in the end of 2014 and there is some fundamental functionality left to be implemented. See the [ list of functions], basically any missing numeric Octave function could be implemented as an interval extension in the package. If the student has previous Potential projects:* Implement missing algorithms (as m-files)—difficulty and whether knowledge in interval analysisis required depends on the particular function. Of course, it is also possible to implement you may use papers which present such missing algorithms.* Improve existing algorithms (as msupport more options for plotting, support more options for optimizers, increase accuracy, …)* Make the package support N-dimensional arrays, this requires less knowledge of interval arithmetic but can be a rather exhaustive job since it affects most function files) or improve in the existing algorithms. package
'''Required skills''': m-file scripting, basic knowledge of computer arithmetics (especially floating-point computations), interval analysis (depending on the functions to implement)


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