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Windows Installer

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make zip-dist <options>
....and this results in all Octave dependencies being built in mxe-octave, plus some initial version of Octave itself.
It can happen that you meet problems with Java. To build Octave with Java support built-in, mxe-octave needs:
* A Java JDK (Java Development Kit) on the '''host''' system. IOW, the javac (Java compiler) and jar (Java archiver) executables should be in the PATH.
* Java include files for windows (win32, even for w64 build)s. They should reside in "<mxe-octave build dir>/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include/java/win32". If not present, mxe-octave downloads them but this can occasionally go wrong. What I often did on my multi-boot system (Note: dirty hack warning!) is symlinking to the Windows include files on the Windows partition from the mxe-octave location.
====Step 2: To build your first Octave-for Windows development version:====
* build Octave on Linux (in separate source and build trees) including your favorite mods and patches.


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