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Windows Installer

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===Creating Octave development versions for Windows with mxe-octave===
To roll your own octave for windows version with your favorite mods and patches, you can do as I have been doing (since over 2 years)what Philip Nienhuis does:
# Make the cross-build environment for Octave (=mxe-octave; see above)
* once Octave runs fine in Linux (using make check and trying your mods using ./run-octave & from the build dir, all of this still on the Linux side), do:
make all dist
* move This will produce a dist archive called "octave-<version>.tar.gz" in the top directory. Move or copy the resulting this dist archive to the <mxe-octave build>/pkg folder (or symlink to it from there) Note that this step requires the Octave be configured with Java (i.e., you need javac and jar on your system).
==== Step 3: Building the Octave installer====
* be sure to adapt <mxe-octave build>/src/ to read "## No Checksum" at the $(PKG)_CHECKSUM line and check octave version and archive type (tar.gz rather than tar.bz2). The checksum is only needed when you download a dist archive from the Internet, not so much when you copy it within your own home network, let alone your own computer.
* check if in the top of the main Makefile "default-octave" is mentioned for OCTAVE_TARGET rather than "stable-octave" of just "octave" (that name refers to the .mk filename in the src folder).
* ... and then run (in the <mxe-octave build> folder)
make nsis-installer <options>
* However, do not keep mxe-octave build dirs for too long. I'd suggest to wipe a build dir after at most two or three months and start over with a fresh clone a la Step 1.
* In the mean time, regularly clean up <mxe-octave build>/log to save disk space. After a first successful build there's no more use for the log subdirs for each package, so you can wipe them all.
====If things go wrong====
It is possible that the build of Octave in step 2 works but that if fails in step 3. Here are some troubleshooting tips in that case.
* The source will be left in <mxe-octave build>/tmp-default-octave and it is possible to run "configure && make" in that directory. A possible causes for build failure is having files in your local build directory that are not listed in the files; these aren't copied into the dist archive.
==Installing requirements of MXE Octave==


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