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Octave for Debian systems

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Undo revision 6509 by Siko1056 (talk) the PPA does not have 4.0 yet but for old Ubuntu releases it's still an improvement. Also, updating the PPA for the latest release is a WIP
For Debian stable users, there may also be newer packages available in backports, so don't forget to check there.
=== Octave's Personal Package Archive (PPA) for Ubuntu === For some Ubuntu releases the octave packages are too old (Ubuntu 12.04 only has Octave version 3.2). The [ GNU Octave Team] on Launchpad maintain maintains a Personal Package Archive (PPA) providing a binary more up to date packages of the latest stable versions of Octave for all versions of Ubuntu. These are backported from Debian unstable (the Ubuntu Octave Team needs help testing and preparing the packages so if you can help with this, contact [Mike Miller|User:Mtmiller]). To set up your system to install these packages:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:octave/stable

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