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Mark bug fixed
== Bugs related to Windows OS ==
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44206}} test complex.tst fails in MXE-octave</strike>
* <strike> Owner: rik {{bug|44125}} mxe-octave: fltk printing displays line dropouts in dev version </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44118}} imwrite saves wrong pixel values into jpg file </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44075}} buid mxe-octave fails "Failed to build package nsis" </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43979}} test unpack fails in MXE-Octave ver 4.1.0+</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43651}} special character (diameter sign) in plot produces warning or doesn't show up </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43525}} mxe-octave: compile with OpenBLAS with OMP enabled </strike>


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