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Mark bug fixed
== Bugs with severity >= 4 ==
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44330}} Qt toolkit segmentation fault when figure opened, closed, and opened again</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44296}} Windows segmentation fault with dl.exe </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|44292}} Frequent crashes when printing to eps on Windows platform
* <strike> Owner: jwe {{bug|44015}} GUI crashes after clear all in right click menu </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|43769}} error: invalid meta.package indexing when using strfind function
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43741}} different results from power operator in mxe-octave GUI/CLI</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42596}} OpenGL toolkits for the GUI on MacOS X </strike>
* <strike> Owner: jwe {{bug|42537}} print backend needed for qt toolkit </strike>


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