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# <code>cd mxe-octave</code>
# Make sure MXE version of all compiler tools are found first in path
## <code>PATH=`pwd`/usr/bin:$PATH</code> # for Bourne shell
## <code>setenv PATH `pwd`/usr/bin:$PATH</code> # for C shell
## <code>PATH=`pwd`/usr/bin:$PATH</code> # for Bourne shell# <code>autoconf</code>
# <code>./configure</code>
# <code> make nsis-installer </code> or <code> make tar-dist </code> or <code> make zip-dist </code> (to get a compressed version).
* Use "<code>make tar-dist</code> or <code>make zip-dist</code> instead of <code>nsis-installer</code> if you want to build just an archive of the files to install on Windows instead of an installer wizard.* Use <code>make JOBS=4" </code> if you have a multicore system to enable parallel build.'''Do not''' "use <code>make -j"j4</code>.* Use <code>./configure --disable-strip-dist-files</code> if you want to keep debug symbols in the installed files binaries for debugging on Windows.* Include gdb in the installer by running <code>make gdb</code> before making the <code>nsis-installer</code> target.
==Installing requirements of MXE Octave==


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