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Lists are also kept for the [[Image package|Image]], [[Mapping package|Mapping]], [[Optimization package|Optimization]], and [[Signal package|Signal]] packages.
It is also possible to look at existing [[Wikipedia:Free and open-source software|FLOSSFOSS]] implementations, from FreeMat and Scilab (for more closely compatible languages) to R or Scipy or Julia (for less compatible versions). Obviously, it is NOT OK to look at the Matlab implementation since this is not [[Wikipedia:Free software|free software]]!
==Functions with different syntax==
The following functions have different syntax in Matlab and in Octave and makes porting more difficult:
* <tt>repmat</tt>
'''Note* {{codeline|repmat}}:''' When adding support for functions that exist in Matlab, make sure the syntax is the same as in Matlab from the beginning, as it breaks backward compatibility to change it later!!! Also think twice about adding additional syntax that don't exist in Matlab, as this makes it more difficult to port Octave code to Matlab.see bug {{bug|38391}}

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