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create page with simple IRC netiquette
There's an #octave channel on the freenode IRC servers.

== Netiquette ==

; #include <social-behaviour.h>
: All other social rules apply, i.e., be nice, be respectful, be helpful, have fun.
; No public logging
: What happens in #octave stays in #octave.
; Just ask your question
: Do not ask to ask, do not ask if anyone knows how to use {{codeline|foo}}, just ask the question. It's the best way to know if anyone can help.
; No paste
: Do not paste code on the channel. Use a paste service such as [ Agora], [ bpaste], or [ paste]. Use [ for pictures].
; No private message without permission
: That's considered rude unless you know the other person. Always ask on the channel first and take the conversation to private.

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