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** Week 0 (May 19 to May 26): Familiarizing with Octave code. Research on the methods on how to implement the functions in standard file I/O [], Map layout and axis [] and functions in Coordinate systems and Geodesy.[]. Creating a list of functions which can be implemented with the current features present in Octave.(Some functions that require methods which are not yet fully implemented in Octave, like classdef will not be included)
** Week 1 to Week 4 (June 3 to June 23): Complete the implementation of missing functions that are selected in week 0 from Modelling the Earth[] and Lengths and angles []. Clean the code of 3D Coordinate system functions that I have already implemented and perform tests. Submit the almost complete Coordinate systems and Geodesy functions package for mid term evaluation.
** Week 5 to Week 8 (June 24 to July 22): Complete the implementation of missing functions in Standard file I/O[] and Map layout and axis []. Perform tests.
** Week 9 (July 23 to July 29): Fixing bugs, code clean up and Making the entire code Matlab compatible.
** Week 10 to Week 12 (July 30 to August 18): Write tests and Documentation. Code clean up and finalization. End of GSOC.


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