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==How can I cite Octave?==
Pointing to is good, because that gives people a direct way to find out more. If citation of a URL is allowed by the publisher you can use this entry(update year and version accordingly!):
author = {{Octave community}},
keywords = {Octave,Software},
title = {{GNU/Octave3.8}},
url = {},
year = {20122014}
if you also want to point to a traditional reference, then you can cite the Octave manual:
<nowiki>@BOOK{eaton:20082009, author = {{John W. Eaton}, {and David Bateman} and {Søren S\oren Hauberg}}, title = {{GNU Octave Manual Version } version 3.0.1 manual: a high-level interactive language for numerical computations}, publisher = {Network Theory LimitedCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform}, year = {20082009}, isbn note = {{ISBN} 1441413006}, url = {0-9546120-6-X}, }</nowiki>


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