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preferences -- change default figure size
(preferences -- change default figure size)
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Sometimes, Octave defaults are not teh best for someone's specific use. To change the defaults, use the following on the {{Path|.octaverc}} file.
=== Changing default figure size ===
The default size of a figure may be appropriate for simple figures but not so much when using {{Codeline|subplot}} for example. This can be changed though.
{{Code|change default figure size|<pre>set (0, 'DefaultFigurePosition', [1 get(0, "screensize")(4:-1:3) get(0, "DefaultFigurePosition")(4)]);</pre>}}
The value of {{Codeline|DefaultFigurePosition}} must be a four element vector with the x and y coordinates for the figure, followed by its with and height. The code above sets the default image to be placed at the top of the monitor, with the width of the monitor and the same height previously set as default.
==Tiny helper functions==
==Tiny helper functions==

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