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== User cases ==
=== User case #1 ===
Jenny is using Octave on the department cluster. She is not the administrator but
there's already a system-wide installation of Octave with the general and
signal image installed. She starts Octave and has these 2 packages available to
her. These are globally installed packages, available to everyone that starts
But Jenny also requires the image package and she installs it with "pkg install -forge image". She
does not have permissions to administer the system so the image package is installed
locally in her home directory. When she starts Octave, she now has 3 packages available,
general and signal package which are global (available to everyone that starts Octave), and
the image package which is local (available only to her).
Jenny's supervisor is working on a new package (img_analysis) that he makes available
for all his students and wants Jenny to use it. Rather than sending them the packages,
he wants them to use the package he has installed on his own home directory and tells
them to load it as an external package. Jenny uses
"pkg load-db boss /home/supervisor/.octave/octave_packages.db" to make his supervisor
packages available to her. She now has 4 available packages, the new one (img_analysis)
being an external package. However, relative to her supervisor, the same package is a
local installation.
The next time she starts Octave, there is no trace of the external packages, pkg still
only have 3 available packages so she adds the "pkg load-db" command to her {{Path|.octaverc}}
In this case however, her supervisor would do better in installing his img_analysis package
in some other place to avoid clash with his own local packages. For example, he could
have installed it at {{Path|/home/supervisor/group/octave}}. Or he could have a filesystem
on the network that his students could mount whenever they needed it.
=== User case #2 ===


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