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appear in the list only because they cite the
[ GNU Octave Manual],
we are checking these publications manually, those that have been checked and confirmed are marked with "!"those marked with a "?" could not be checked due to access restrictions.
== Pre-prints ==
* Preprint arXiv:1108.3206v2 [ Modeling and frequency domain analysis of nonlinear compliant joints for a passive dynamic swimmer]!* Technical Report UBLCS-2012-02 [ Queueing Networks Analysis with the qnetworks Toolbox]!* Preprint arXiv:1109.0397 [ Auction-Based Resource Allocation in Digital Ecosystems] ([ Scripts] used in the paper)!* Technical Report UBLCS-2011-04 [ Dynamic Power Management for QoS-Aware Applications] ([ Scripts] and data files used in the paper)!* Preprint arXiv:1104.5392 [ A Framework for QoS-aware Execution of Workflows over the Cloud], to appear in proc. CLOSER 2012 ([ Script] used in the paper)!* Technical Report UBLCS-2010-12 [ Dynamic Scalability for Next Generation Gaming Infrastructures], to appear in ACM Computers in Entertainment ([ Script] used in the paper)!
== 2012 ==
* Journal of Process Control, 2012, [ GNU Octave and reproducible research]!* Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 2012, [ Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Organic Solar Cells] (Also available [ at arXiv])!* 12th Int. Conf. on Adaptive Behaviour (2012). [ Synthesis and Adaptation of Effective Motor Synergies for the Solution of Reaching Tasks]. ([ package] used for this publication)!* Communications in Computational Physics [ System reduction using an LQR-inspired version of Optimal Replacement Variables]!* Biophysical Journal [ Locomotion control of Caenorhabditis elegans through confinement]!* Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory [ Development and implementation of hydro turbine and governor models in a free and open source software package]!* Journal of Biomechanical Engineering [ Syrinx fluid transport: Modeling pressure-wave-induced flux across the spinal pial membrane]!* Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation [ Construction of the free energy landscape of peptide aggregation from molecular dynamics simulations]!* Modern Physics Letters B [ Dynamics on multilayered hyperbranched fractals through continuous time random walks]!* IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record [ Dose-free monitoring of radiotherapy treatments with scattered photons: First experimental results at a 6-MV Linac]!* Journal of Physics: Conference Series [ Integration of a neuroimaging processing pipeline into a pan-canadian computing grid]!* Journal of Nanomaterials [ Design and construction of a one-dimensional DNA track for an artificial molecular motor]!* Computing in Science and Engineering [ Applications of computational science: Data-intensive computing for student projects]!* Advances in OptoElectronics [ Fundamental issues in manufacturing photovoltaic modules beyond the current generation of materials]!* IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems [ Zadehs extension principle for continuous functions of non-interactive variables: A parallel optimization approach]!* Methods in Enzymology [ Open source tools for fluorescent imaging]!* Computer Physics Communications [ An open-source library for the numerical modeling of mass-transfer in solid oxide fuel cells]!
== 2011 ==


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