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* Electrochimica Acta [ Reducing error and measurement time in impedance spectroscopy using model based optimal experimental design]
* Biomacromolecules [ Infrared linear dichroism spectroscopy on amyloid fibrils aligned by molecular combing]
* Chemical Science [ Conformational states of nucleic acid-peptide complexes monitored by acoustic wave propagation and molecular dynamics simulation]* Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [ Estimating the control parameters of an articulatory model from electromagnetic articulograph data]?* Fuzzy Sets and Systems [ Decision tree based fuzzy classifier of 1H magnetic resonance spectra from cerebrospinal fluid samples]!* Computational Management Science [ Shape-based scenario generation using copulas]!* 2011 4th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security, NTMS 2011 - Proceedings [ Adaptive fuzzy-MAC for power reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks]!* Communications in Computational Physics [ Reduction of linear systems of ODEs with optimal replacement variables]!* Optics Express [ Longitudinal mode multistability in Ring and Fabry-Pérot lasers: The effect of Spatial Hole Burning]!* Journal of Chemical Physics [ Photoelectron imaging of several 5d and 6p Rydberg states Xe 2 and improving the Xe 2 + I(12g) potential]?* Chemical Physics Letters [ Analysis of motion features for molecular dynamics simulation of proteins]!* Journal of Physical Chemistry B [ In silico predictions of the temperature-dependent viscosities and electrical conductivities of functionalized and nonfunctionalized ionic liquids]!* Journal of Molecular Biology [ Probing designability via a generalized model of helical bundle geometry]!
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