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β†’β€ŽOne-line description: reword for clarity, add build prefix
=== One-line description ===
The commit message should have start with a brief a one-line description of what thecommit does. Keep it short, preferably under no longer than 80 characters. If you areworkingpatching on a bugor applying a patch, this one-line explanation should mention the bug or patch numberat the end like so: {{codeline|... (bug #12345)}}. Omit final Do not endthe first line with a period (full stop).
If your change only touches one file, then the filename name of that file shouldcan be the prefix of the one-line description. If it's a C++ or C file, thefunction or class that is being modified should be included in theparenthetical remark, as in the full body of the commit message.
In addition, there are two a few prefixes for special certain types of commits:
* maint: for reorganisation of the sources that do not change the source. Regular merge commits are a prominent example.
* doc: for changes to the documentation.
* build: for changes to the build system, for example autoconf or automake files.
If your change is small and only touches one file , then this isthe one-linetypically sufficientdescription may serve as the entire commit message.
=== Body of the commit message ===


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