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==== The science repository ====
If you want to use '''latest stable version of Octave''', you can obtain the binary packages via [http One Click Install] from the science repository.
To add the science repository manually, use the zypper commands (<code><openSUSE_version></code> is for example <code>openSUSE_Leap_42openSUSE_Leap_15.31</code>):
zypper addrepo<openSUSE_version>/science.repo
=== Octave Forge packages ===
[[Octave-Forge]] binary packages are provided from the OSS and science repository. You can list all available packages by the zypper command:
zypper search octave-forge*
=== Bug reporting ===
You can report openSUSE specific bugs by pressing "Report Bug" button on [ OBS Octave page] (openSUSE bugzilla account required).
=== See also ===

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