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Update introduction and motivation to use MXE-Octave.
Based on the [https://mxehg.octave.ccorg/ mxe-octave MXE project-Octave] there is an based on the [https://hgmxe.octave.orgcc/mxe-octave MXE-Octaveproject] fork available to allow cross compiling Octave to various target systems.and is useful for the following scenarios:
=== Examples of compiling Octave # Cross-compilation for different MS Windows (see also [[Windows_Installer]]) and other platforms ===.# Building Octave on outdated Linux systems (e.g. only an old GCC version is available).# Building Octave without root permission.
* {{Warning|MXE-Octave is '''Compiling for Windowsnot'''# There is some further information the best choice for using mxe-octave to building Octave, if your system already provides recent versions of GCC and other required build an Windows installer here: [[Windows_Installer]]dependencies.}}
MXE-Octave is really intended to be used to cross compile Octave along with all dependencies for Windows systems. It may also be used to do native builds on Windows if you have a minimal set === Examples of MinGW tools installed, or to do native builds on Linux systems. However, it was really only intended as a way to build compiling Octave on systems that lack sufficiently recent versions of tools and libraries to build Octave. '''For systems that provide packages of recent versions of GCC and required build dependencies, MXE-Octave is NOT the best choice for building Octave.'''different platforms ===
* '''Compiling for your Linux system'''

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