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=== PolarAxes and Plotting Improvements ===
Octave currently provides supports for polar axes by using a Cartesian 2-D axes and adding a significant number of properties and callback listerners to get things to work. What is needed is a first class implementation of a "polaraxes" object in C++. This will require creating a new fundamental graphics object type, and programming in C++/OpenGL to render the object. When "polaraxes" exist as an object type then m-files will be written to access them including polaraxes.m, polarplot.m, rticks.m, rticklabels.m, thetaticks, thetaticklabels.m, rlim.m, thetalim.m. relates to {{bug|35565}}, {{bug|49804}}, {{bug|52643}}.
* '''Minimum requirements'''


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