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The GNU Octave distribution includes a [ 1000+ page Texinfo manual]. Access to the complete text of the manual is available via the <code>doc</code> command at the GNU Octave prompt.
==What is Octave-Forge?==
[ Octave-Forge] is a collection of [[packages]] for GNU Octave, something similar to the Matlab toolboxes. When talking about the two projects at the same time, GNU Octave is usually referred to as Octave core (or just "core"). Octave-Forge also serves as a test bed for code that may eventually end up in the core, and distributes binaries for systems with a lack of developers tools (mainly Windows).
==Who uses Octave?==
* Many optimizations of the accumarray function
* Sparse matrix indexing has been rewritten for speed
* The pkg command now accepts a -forge option to pull packages directly from Octave-forgeForge
==What's new in version series 3.2.X of Octave==
* [ NEWS.3] for the 3.X.Y series
=Packages and Octave-Forge=
==How do I install or load all Octave-Forge packages?==
Do not do it! Really, there is no reason to do this. Octave has many packages for different needs and is unlikely that you need all of them. You either have a small set of required packages, in which case

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