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If the Qt graphics toolkit is used and "plot" is used for the first time, the fontconfig scanner searches the font directory to build a font cache. This can take up to 3min on slow CPUs. See {{bug|45458}}
==Error message about invalid call to script or invalid use of script in index expression==
If Octave shows an error message about {{Codeline|invalid call to script .../close.m}} or {{Codeline|invalid use of of script .../close.m in index expression}}, it means that you have created a script called close.m that is overriding the built-in Octave function {{Codeline|close}}. Octave functions and scripts share the samem global namespace. It is best to avoid creating your own scripts or functions that have the same name as an Octave function.
=Differences between Octave and Matlab=


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