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Image package

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remove roadmap that is not actually being followed
Follows an incomplete list of stuff missing in the image package to be matlab compatible. Bugs are not listed here, [ search] and [ report] them on the bug tracker instead.
=== Roadmap ===
The following are missing targets for the next minor release of the image package (version 2.8.0). Small bug fixes, build fixes, and regressions may still be released before in a patch release (Version 2.6.X).
* add ellipse properties to {{codeline|regionprops}} (see bug {{bug|44100}}) ([ done])
* speed up {{codeline|regionprops}} for large images with many small objects (probably work around for loop with labeled == labelid)
* support passing {{codeline|bwconncomp}} output to {{codeline|regionprops}} (and then fix {{codeline|bwpropfilt}} to use that instead of a labeled image)
* ND support on {{codeline|imfilter}}
* check if {{codeline|normxcorr2}} is Matlab compatible and investigate making use of {{codeline|fftconvn}} since it's likely to receive large input
* investigate implementing the missing deconvolution functions (see patch {{patch|8571}})
* anything else that is done or submitted before the above are done
=== Missing functions ===

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