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Windows Installer

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./configure <options you want>
make nsis-installer JOBS=<some number>
Your author usually has "--enable-devel-tools --enable-windows-64 --enable-octave=default --enable-binary-packages" as configure options and use JOBS=7 on my core i5 system.For stable branch it is "--enable-devel-tools --enable-octave=stable --enable-binary-packages --enable-64 --enable-fortran-int64" or "--enable-devel-tools --enable-octave=stable --enable-binary-packages --enable-windows64"
* the first configure option also includes gdb and an MSYS shell in the binary
* the second avoids the ~700 MB max. array size limit for 32-bit executables but Octave will only run on 64-bit Windows (most Windows systems are 64 bit anyway these days). Note: this option does NOT imply 64-bit indexing


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