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<th width="110">Time</th>
<th width="220">Monday 12.03<br/>(Opening/Users/Devs)</th> <th width="220" scope="col" colspan="2">Tuesday 13.03<br/>(TutorialsUsers/Devs)</th> <th width="250">Wednesday 14.03<br/>(UnconferenceDevs)</th> <th width="220">Thursday 15.03<br/>(Closing/Devs)</th>
<td bgcolor= #ffb3b3></td>
  <td style="text-align: left"> Hands-on activitiesSelected presentations: <ulbr/> How to do X with GNU Octave?<li>Merge [[Summer_of_Code#GSoC_2017|GSoC_2017]] project [ Make Specfuns special again] by Michele Ginesi</litd> </ultd> Developers sessions 1 </td>  <td> Developers sessions 4 </td>
<td> [[OctConf 2020]] planning and Closing </td>
<td><br/><br/>Noon<br/><br/> </td>
<td> First meeting John's Talk <br/> and Lunch </td>  <td> Plenary talk : users <br/> and Lunch </td> <td> Plenary talk Developers sessions 2 <br/> and Lunch </td>  <td> Developers session 5 <br/> and Lunch </td>
<td> Farewell lunch</td>
<td style="text-align: left"> Talks: GSoC students <ulbr/> or Developers session 0 <libr/> Jwe: "What is Octave 2019?" (plans, views, perspectives)</litd> <td> GNU Octave for SME <br/ul> (rebrand: Hands on Tutorials) </td> <td> Hands on Tutorials Developers session 3 </td> 
<td> Visit to CERN </td>
<td bgcolor=#ffb3b3 rowspan=3></td>
<td> Free Evening </td> <tdcolspan="2"> Social event </td>


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