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→‎Style: submission guidelines
The conference fee is 20CHF and registration is required. Please use the CERN conference manager [ Indico] to register.
=== Style Conference activities ===
The conference will be based around workshops, unconference, and code sprints, with a plenary speaker on the first three days.
==== Abstract submission ====
During the first day we will have Octave users presenting their applications
These applications should answer the questions "Ho to do X in GNU Octave?"
Applications will be reviewed and selected
Applications will be published in the open access digital conference proceedings
'''put this in anther page'''
* Submission guidelines
: Use this [YOURFULLNAME_dynamic_submission_template.m template] to submit and application
: Send your submission to (e-mail)
: check your application before submission using (code to check submission)
: Submission maximum length?
== Committees ==


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