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→‎Wednesday: add notes for today
; make {{Codeline|--no-gui}} default
: Mike suggested on the mailing to make this change for the upcoming 4.4 release. We discussed it all together, and everyone agrees. This should make things simpler for everyone. There will be only one flag which will be {{Codeline|--gui}} to start the gui and will be used by launchers. This will simplify the octave code too since we will no longer have to guess whether to start it or not based on whether we have persist or scripts to eval.
: We then coded that change.
; review our review of code contributions
: a quick rehash of previous discussions. We do a lousy job at review contributions and would need better tools to make the reviewing easier. However, no is available to have such a tool which actually means replacing savannah with our own instance. ; build system issuesthe complicated code in pkg: Juan showed that the code in pkg is a bit overcomplicated. Some changes were done to simplify it some 3-4 years ago but never got merged. Those changes no longer apply. Juan will try to make those changes again but first will be adding tests for pkg. ; warning users if installing packages with url: discussed adding a warning that a package was not community maintained if user tried to use a url, and required user to answer yes or no. Decided against such warning. We may instead consider add a warning in the future if user tries to install something with an insecure connection (http:// instead of https:// or file://)
=== Doing ===
; new Octave 4.2.2 release
: It was done. In the process of merging default to stable, we may do that tomorrow instead.
; new release of image package
: carandraug not even had time to get to it, too busy with changes to core and more discussions.
; more tests to increase code coverage
; CERN visit
; email maintainers mailing list with conclusions

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