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; future GSoC students
: we have questioned the value of this. Most students don't stay after GSoC and most projects do not get merged into core and the packages. Even if it costs us no money, it costs us a lot of time since most students need a lot of hand holding, and it's the whole community that is actually mentoring. Ignoring the students is also not nice to them. Nir is the person responsible and he's not attending this year so we are not deciding anything. However, we need to ensure that students know much, and do a better job at filtering out clueless students.
 ; refactoring (threading); / developer docs; / symbol naming; / liboctave interface stability and usability: These are all very related issues. We have some issues threading and those are mainly because we don't know how to do things properly. Some of us have learned how since but we don't have that knowledge shared and so it's a bit of lack of documentation for ourselves. We decided that changes to Octave internals, the C++ stuff, will need to include doxygen docs for the things that it changes. We have notes on how to write doxygen docs on our [[C++ style guide#Doxygen|C++ style guide]].: We also have builds of doxygen docs online, including development version but they are not up to date. jwe will set his build bots to update the doxygen docs daily.: We also discussed making available builds of the default branch for users. This would be nice because we get users reporting bugs earlier. However, we are afraid that people will not understand that the latest version is a work in progress, not the latest usable version. So we decided against making such builds available. 
; test coverage
; measurements of performance

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