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Added information about the preferred style used in Doxygen
Very little Doxygen documentation is currently available in Octave's source code. Which is why "Doxygen documentation for the C++ classes" is listed in the [ Projects] page of this wiki.
==== Doxygen Style Guide ====
Doxygen allows for a variety of commenting styles. In order to maintain uniformity across the entire project the following rules should be applied:
* For short Doxygen comments use {{codeline|//!}}
* For longer comments use {{codeline|/*! ... */}}
* For longer comments do not add {{codeline|*}} before each line
* Use {{codeline|@}} for any Doxygen Special Commands
An example of properly used Doxygen would look like:
//! Short Comment.
Longer comment with special command and syntax highlighting:
double v = 1.0;
For actual use example look at [ liboctave/array/Array.h]


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