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Octave for GNU/Linux

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→‎Debian: These are installation instructions, not a Debian tutorial
For building from source, see the [[Debian]] instructions. $ sudo aptitude install octave<version> octave<version>-doc
Determine what packages are currently available, using e.gwhere {{Codeline|<version>}} must be substituted by the appropriate string.
$ aptitude search octave As of 2008/05, the command above should list, amongst others:  octave3.0 - GNU Octave language for numerical computations (3.0 branch) octave3.0-doc - PDF documentation on the GNU Octave language (3.0 branch) octave3.0-emacsen - Emacs support for the GNU Octave language (3.0 branch) octave3.0-headers - header files for the GNU The Octave language (3.0 branch) In July, 2012, with that time current stable (Squeeze), you get above mentioned in 3.2 version, so replace names of the packages appropriately in the following commands. Select your choice of packages, then install them, e.g. w/  # aptitude install octave3.0 octave3.0-doc octave3.0-emacsen ==Notes:== *For brevity, the numerous other Debian packages have been omitted in the above list.*At a minimum, one should install one of the packages returned by the command:   $ aptitude search ?provides\(^octave$\) *The OctaveForge Forge packages are spread over many Debian packages. All OctaveForge Octave-Forge packages will probably be found with the command:
$ aptitude search ?description\(octave-forge\)
==[ Debian Development Sources]==
In order to build Octave from development sources, the first step is to follow the instructions given under the heading Development Sources of [ Downloading Octave]. These commands require Mercurial, which can be installed with the command
# aptitude install mercurial
Building Octave from sources requires a number of programs and libraries. All of these are available as Debian packages and the list given on [Debian's source package page for Octave3.2] can be used for reference and installed by
# aptitude build-dep octave3.2
After this, it should be possible to follow the [[Build from source]] instructions.
==Debian Versions==
Note that on Debian, multiple versions of Octave are provided concurrently and thus, Octave packages have names that include the version number, such as, for example: octave2.1-emacsen, octave3.0-emacsen, octave3.2-emacsen. This may change with Octave 3.4.
References: [ Upgrade Ubuntu Jaunty to Karmic (9.04 to 9.10) breaks self-compiled octave]([ Gmane copy]), [ Octave 3.4]


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