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Based on the MXE project there is an MXE-Octave fork available to allow cross compiling Octave to various target systems.

Examples of compiling Octave for different platforms

  • Compiling for Windows
  1. There is some further information for using mxe-octave to build an Windows installer here: Windows_Installer.

  • Compiling for your Linux system
  1. Download MXE-Octave as a compressed file.
  2. Unpack it in ~ or somewhere suitable.
  3. Check you have all the requirements
  4. cd into the directory (called ~/mxe-octave-123456789 or similiar).
  5. Type: autoconf
  6. Type: ./configure --enable-64 --enable-native-build --enable-pic-flag host_alias=gnu-linux --enable-openblas --enable-jit
  7. Type: make
  8. vi src/ and set USE_THREAD=1
  9. Type: make openblas
  10. cd usr/lib
  11. mv
  12. ln -s
  13. Octave will exist in ~/mxe-octave-123456789/usr/bin
  14. Add to your .bashrc file: alias octave=~/mxe-octave-123456789/usr/bin/octave

It's that easy...

  • Compiling for your Ubuntu Desktop x64 Linux (tested for 14.xx)
  1. In Ubuntu Desktop Linux 14.10 the above receipt fails during building BLAS library ...
  2. I have found a working solution how to build Octave 3.8.2 with ---enable-64 in Ubuntu Desktop Linux - see:
  3. BLOG:
  4. GitHub:
  • Compiling for a different Linux system
  1. ...

Packaging for distribution