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This Octave Forge has currently no maintainer and is known to nor well anymore.


There's another package called osdbi that is released under the BSD license that I was able to make work, but only for sqlite3. You can find it here: JRiedy the author will answer emails. I use it on OS X 10.6 and octave 3.4.0. Also on 10.5.8 but no luck on 10.7


After some hours trying to connect to postgresql, I am geting convinced there is currently no DB connection to postgresql DB from octave. Indeed, there is a very nice small code for mkoctfile:

But, I found there is no longer a libpq++ in postgresql ( Anyone knows if there is a libpqxx interface (I found nothing on google)? In another approach, maybe "extern C" can be used to reimplement a libpq (standard C) based oct of Dirk Eddelbuettel's code?

Embedded SQL

A feature request was open on the tracker to include it as a package.


On 22 December 2011 20:53, Paul Dreik <> wrote:
> 2011-12-21 13:02, dirk skrev:
>> On Wed, 2011-12-21 at 09:34 +0100, Paul Dreik wrote:
>>> 2011-12-20 23:37, skrev:
>>>> Hi all -
>>>> Couldn't make the database package work, and after a reasonable amount
>>>> of googling I concluded I was not the only one.
>>>> As a solution I made my own .oct file that queries SQLite & returns a
>>>> cell array of the results; kudos to  SQLite's "amalgamation" file and
>>>> Octave's "mkoctfile."
>>>> - is this the right forum to ask the next 2 questions?
>>>> - is anyone interested in connecting SQLite to octave?
>>>> - what's my next reasonable step (if any): make a package, post code
>>>> somewhere (here?), or... ?
>>>> thanks,
>>>> dirk mayhew
>>>> ps and thank you also to Xavier Delacour - I would use your code if I could
>>> Hi, no you are certainly not the only one!
>>> I have also made an sqlite octave package, but only for private use. I
>>> think it is wise to discuss on how to implement the interface to such a
>>> toolbox.
>>> * should one mimic the c interface?
>>> * should one mimic the perl dbi interface?
>>> * mimic the matlab database interface?
>>> * make a new one?
>>> What is your opinion?
>>> This is the right place to discuss and send code suggestions.
>>> Paul Dreik
>> Thanks, Paul - those are good questions.
>> I assume by "c interface" you mean ODBC?  I believe that would be best,
>> but requires more work... I suspect this is the direction Xavier took
>> with his database package.
>> Given a choice between perl, Matlab and "create your own," the community
>> would probably prefer a solution that "looks like Matlab." That is,
>> without a GUI and no Matlab-specific I/O, I assume.
>> What do you think?
> No, I mean the sqlite c interface described in
> Using odbc seems to be yet another method to connect. It seems like
> there is an odbc driver for sqlite.
> I know the matlab database toolbox can connect through odbc, that is how
> I used it a few years ago.
> I assembled the list below with my comments and links to documentation.
> I think the matlab database toolbox is a bit messy. It is also quite
> big, so users expecting to use octave database as a dropin replacement
> will probably never be satisfied unless they only use a very basic
> subset. It handles multiple databases, which is good.
> The documentation is at
> I like the relatively clean interface of the sqlite c interface. This is
> how I built my toolbox. (It was a while ago, so I do not remember how
> closely I followed the c interface). Obviously this only supports
> sqlite, so It may be a poor choise for octave database toolbox unless it
> is an octave sqlite toolbox.
> Documentation for api introduction is at
> I also like the perl dbi interface. It handles multiple databases, so it
> may be a good example on how to make an octave interface.
> An easy to read introduction exists at
> I have never worked directly to odbc. Looking at the introductory
> material on
> I say lets stick to any other method...
> The good thing is that it handles multiple databases and it is cross
> platform.
> The existing octave database package seems to offer both a generic
> interface and wrap the database specific apis. I do not know how well it
> performs. Installation failed for me two years ago or so, and it still
> fails now (octave 3.4.2 from macports. See attached errors). I assume I
> do not have all dependencies installed, but the errors seem to point to
> other problems. Have not looked deeper into it.
> I do not know if there are any plans for it or what the current status
> is. Last update on
> (linked to from
> was 2008, but the package was released 2009.
> The swig operations seem like black magic to me.
> I do not currently have the time or need to work on this now, but I am
> willing to share my octave package (sqlite c interface wrapped, more or
> less).

On 23 December 2011 13:42, dirk <> wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-12-21 at 19:56 +0000, Carnë Draug wrote:
>> Are you able to indetify what's broken in the current package?
> I am not calling it broken,  but "difficult to install" or "not
> self-contained" would be fair descriptions.

On 29 December 2011 16:21, dirk <> wrote:
> Unfortunately the file size limit prevented me uploading the required
> sqlite3.c source file; it is available via
> The resulting .oct acts like a dedicated database server.
> Functionally it mimics the existing database "sql" function, but
> *without* the pre-requirements of SWIG & an additional external database
> server oprogram.
> Can anyone can point me to a "beginner's guide to package creation?"
> mkoctfile worked fine for me on Ubuntu and Win7, but I'd guess a tar.gz
> supporting pkg install would be better/cleaner/more useful.