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A list of workarounds for stuff that is still missing in Octave:

  • inmem: use who with -functions
  • gallery: available in Nick Higham's site previously at Test Matrix Toolbox
  • gamma(complex): use Tim Reluga's Gamma.m or Eyal Doron's cgamma.m
  • hdf: use load/save with -hdf5
  • aload and asave: flat ascii file read/write, available from Octave-ci
  • anova1: use anova
  • nlinfit: use leasqr
  • barttest: use bartlett_test
  • ranksum: use u_test
  • signrank: use wilcoxon_test
  • signtest: use sign_test
  • ttest: use t_test
  • ttest2: use t_test_2
  • ztest: use <f>z_test