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Public application[edit]

A: An introduction[edit]

  • I am graduate student in the field of electrical engineering at NYU-Poly. I am Iranian student speaking Persian and English fluently. I have been using MATLAB for 6 years and now I am using Octave.
  • I think GSoC is a great opportunity for students to gain professioal experience so I want to use this chance to increase my experiences as well as contribute to open source projects.
    • This is my first time participating in GSoC.
  • I have been choosing Octave because I am familiar with Octave and I am using it in my online machine learning class. Moreover this is my field of expertise and I love to improve Octave so the community of Octave users can have a better experience.

C: Contact[edit]

  • Starparvin
  • PDT, UTC-8 or -x.
  • I usually code around 11.00 to 19.00 with the flexibility to start earlier like (~9.00).

E: Coding experience[edit]

This part is one of the more important ones in your application. You are allowed to be as verbose as you want, as long as you stay on topic ;-)

  • I have learned Matlab in high school and since then I have been using C++. My recent experience of C++ is my Summer internship at Insieme Networks which I was using Omnet++ simulator that is implemented in C++. I was responsible for implementing new modules and simulating new ideas. I also took Financial Software Projects which I had to implement a Risk manager Application with C++ in back-end and Java in front-end.

I have experience of 6 years with MATLAB. I learned MATLAB in the first year of college and I did lots of projects in MATLAB during my undergrad. I think I am kind of professional when it comes to MATLAB. About Octave, my first experience using Octave is also my summer internship which I used m-scripts to process data and plot the results automatically. I am also using Octave with my Online course, Machine learning at Stanford.

  • I also know C which I learned in the first year of college. I also know Java and I did several projects with it. Moreover I am developing an android app which I am using Java. I ask know Python. I am working on a project as Graduate Assistant and I use python scripts to run simulations and process data with R packages in Python.
  • I do not have experience to participate in open source projects thats why I am trying GSoC and I hope I can have this chance and work on my first open source project.
  • I implemented financial calculations for my Risk management Project which I had to parse the information of millions of bonds and calculate the risk of a whole portfolio. I learned advance topic in C++ and I solidified my object-oriented knowledge like Polymorphism. I was working in a team of two people and both of us participate in coding.
  • I do not have any commits or patches.

F: Feeling fine[edit]

  • Please describe (in short) your experience with the following tools:
    • IRC and mailing lists: No experience
    • Mercurial or other source code management systems: CVS, SVN and Github
    • Mediawiki or other wiki software: I am familiar with mediawiki as I am using it for my research in university.
    • make, gcc, gdb or other development tools: yes, totally familiar. gdb is very good for debugging and I have used it in my summer internship.
  • My passion for Octave. I hope that I can become a data scientist later and I know the value of numerical applications like MATLAB and Octave. I love to improve this tools and contribute to the community which I am a member of it.

O: Only out of interest[edit]

  • Did you ever hear about Octave before?

I used Octave to process simulation data in my summer internship. I also hear about Octave in Online machine learning course. I think It is better to advertise in companies and let them know how easy is to process data and produce plots automatically. I also think you can encourage the professors in universities so that they use Octave for academic projects. especially Engineering departments.

  • I could not setup Gnuplot with Octave and still is not working.

P: Prerequisites[edit]

  • OS X version 10.9.2
  • This is my personal laptop and I have access to it 24 hours. I have also 24 hours internet connection. no restriction. I can install any software on my laptop :)

S: Self-assessment[edit]

  • I think it is very useful as with criticism one can know what is her weak points. During my summer internship my advisor keep reminding me of my strengths as well as my weaknesses so that I can improve my skills.
  • How autonomous are you when developing? If you answer both subquestions with "Yes, definitely", we are a tad confused. ;-)
    • Do you like to discuss changes intensively and not start coding until you know what you want to do?
      • Yes, Because I need to know what I am supposed to do and when I am not clear of what I am supposed to code, it is hard to code as I keep thinking of different possibilities.
    • Do you like to code a proof of concept to 'see how it turns out', modifying that and taking the risk of having work thrown away if it doesn't match what the project or original proponent had in mind?
      • No

Y: Your task[edit]

  • Did you select a task from our list of proposals and ideas?
    • If yes, what task did you choose? Please describe what part of it you especially want to focus on if you can already provide this information. Please also wiki-link the page for your elaborated proposal here.
    • If you apply for a task you have added yourself instead, please describe this task, its scope and people you already talked to concerning it. What field of tasks did you miss on the list?
  • Please provide a rough estimated timeline for your work on the task. This should include the GSoC midterms and personal commitments like exams or vacation ("non-coding time"). Optionally include two or three milestones you expect.

Private application template[edit]

A: An introduction[edit]

  • Please give an idea of the timeframe you plan to be
    • PDT, UTC-8
    • PDT, UTC-8
  • Do you have other commitments for the summer period? Do you plan to take any vacations?

I need to look for jobs after summer. I may spend the first month of summer in New York (EST).

  • Please describe your written English.

I am not great writer. I think my level in written English is intermediate.

C: Contact[edit]

  • Starparvin
  • UTC-8. I am living in USA during summer.
  • I use gtalk(gmail). It is very convenient for chatting online.
  • Yes, My phone number is +19178082635.

S: Self-assessment[edit]

  • I receive advise and I embrace the constructive advise as it helps me to become better and get rid of my bad characteristics. I am not good at advising others. I mean I usually do not tell advises to others.
  • I think so. I will think of all criticisms later inside my mind and keep evaluating them as well as my own acts and if I could find a real example of that advise I try to get rid of it.

Y: Your task[edit]

  • Why did you choose your particular task? What do you expect to gain from working on it?