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O: Only out of interest[edit]

* Did you ever hear about Octave before? I had earlier heard of softwares which are like MATLAB. ** If not, where would you expect or advise us to do advertising? Octave doesn't need much of advertising but requires interested developers.

P: Prerequisites[edit]

* Please state the operating system you work with. Ubuntu 14.04 and windows 7 - dual boot on a single laptop.

S: Self-assessment[edit]

* Please describe how useful criticism looks from your point of view as committing student. Criticism plays the key role in the refinement of a project.It will always be appreciated.

* How autonomous are you when developing? If you answer both subquestions with "Yes, definitely", we are a tad confused. ;-) I am autonomous.I try to do a problem on my own but I definitely take external help when stuck for quite a while.

** Do you like to discuss changes intensively and not start coding until you know what you want to do? I first draw a complete map of the task.Then programming.

** Do you like to code a proof of concept to 'see how it turns out', modifying that and taking the risk of having work thrown away if it doesn't match what the project or original proponent had in mind? Yes very much. Code is meant to be built then either modified or thrown away.

Y: Your task[edit]

Looking for some serious ways to develop an Octave Package