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I am working in a multi-disciplined, large, government contracting environment. This allows me to stay current in many software and hardware technologies. I am currently doing AI work, although my experiences with L-3 have been from Red Hat kernel development to web services geo-localized for moving platforms. I am a certified Java programmer. Expert in C++, C, Python, HTML, XML, Javascript/AngularJS and others. I also maintain a Security+ certification.

My employer, L-3 Communications (soon to be L-3 Technologies), permits us to maintain a developers wiki, base on mediaWiki, as this one is.


17:20, 13 December 2016 (CDT)

  • Tried build from source of octave-4.2.0 on CentOS 7.2. Could not get the edit feature to work for VIM. (I tried every combination on the Vim page.) And, selecting files from the file system panel renders a "File format not understood" error ??? They are text.

14:37, 15 December 2016 (CDT)

  • Retrieved from EPEL (CentOS 7). They are maintaining an octave-3.8.2. Miss that GUI though. Also, the octave-forge suggested on Octave for GNU/Linux was not in the yum repo. I later found the Category:Octave-Forge a topic, Java package, of which, explains why. (I originally missed the reference on the wiki home.)
  • VIM launches with this version, so I will be revisiting the 4.2.0 install to try to determine why.
  • I should probably try a Windows install just to see if there is an OS dependency of some kind.